Obituary for Velma Mae DeCorte

Velma Mae DeCorte

Velma Mae DeCorte

Dec 24th, 1923 - Mar 8th, 2023
Dec 24, 1923
Mar 8, 2023
Mar 10, 2023 5:00 pm
Visitation Location:
Mar 11, 2023 1:00 pm
St. Paschal’s Catholic Church. West Monroe, LA
711 North 7th Street West Monroe, LA 71291 [Map]
Survived by:
Gloria Koehler and husband Chuck
Nick DeCorte and wife Ruthie
Danny DeCorte and wife Eileen
Doris Rebouche
ten grandchildren
eighteen great grandchildren
Kevin Koehler
Charles Koehler Jr
Nicklos DeCorte III
Blake DeCorte
Kenneth Cobb IV
James Tarkington
Rev. Jerry Daigle

Biography: Funeral services for Mrs. Velma Mae DeCorte, 99, of West Monroe, LA, will be held at 1:00 P.M., Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 
St. Paschal’s Catholic Church in West Monroe, LA, with Rev. Jerry Daigle officiating. Interment will follow in Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery in Monroe, LA.

Mrs. DeCorte was born December 24, 1923, and passed away March 8, 2023. She was a member of St. Paschal’s Catholic Church. Mrs. DeCorte enjoyed doing crossword puzzles and reading the newspaper. She loved her family and especially when they would all come in from out of town.

She was preceded in death by
husband: Nick DeCorte, Sr.
daughter: Mary Lynn DeCorte
Ruth Louise Gonzales and husband Joe 
Gloria Willett and husband Branch
brother: Fred Couvillion and wife Florence.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy  Spirit, you may abound in hope.  For those who may not know me,  my name  is  Danyelle.  Velma  is  my Mamaw,  and  I  am honored to be able to speak on behalf of the family  about our beloved  Velma, who I’ll just refer  to, hereafter, as  Mamaw.  We  should  not  merely grieve  Mamaw’s  death.  When a Christian dies,  we should  also  rejoice.  Truly, for a Christian, to live  is  Christ,  and  to  die  is gain.
In  1st Thessalonians 4:13-14,  it  says 
"But  we  do  not  want  you  to  be  uninformed,  brothers  and sisters,  about  those who  have died,  so  that  you  may not  grieve as  others  do  who  have  no hope.  For  since  we  believe  that  Jesus  died  and  rose  again,  even  so,  through  Jesus,  God  will bring with Him those who have died."
As a believer in  Christ  departs  from this  life, they are  immediately in  a  far  better  place.  Mamaw  is  with Christ!  I believe our ultimate redemption and reward is death and  moving on  to  our  Heavenly home with  God,  our  Father.  Mamaw  received  her  ultimate  redemption, her  ultimate  healing.  She  has  finished  the  race  and  kept  the  faith;  and that faith has become sight.   She received her final reward.  Well done, good and faithful servant.
My fondest  memories  as  a  child  are  from the  times  I spent  with  Mamaw  and  Papaw.  I  spent many weekends with  them and  even lived with them at times . Mamaw  loved  all  of her grandchildren very much,  and  we  all  adored  her.  We  loved the  cousin  sleep  over  weekends at Mamaw and Papaw’s.  She  always  had  time  for  us.  She  would  take  us  to  the  zoo,  the movies,  the  arcade ...  and  we  also  can’t  forget  about  the  fun  rides  in  the  back  of Mamaw’s station wagon...
before seat belts and car seats were really required.  Fun times!
I  also  have very fond  memories of the spaghetti dinners and bingo nights at  St. Joseph Church.  Mamaw’s  grandchildren have  many memories of special  outings  and  moments with her.  We  always  loved  to hear  her  tell  us  stories, from when she was  a child, and  through her younger  years.  She  taught  us  many things.  For  me,  one  of those  things  was  how  to  cook ... and  how to  make the perfect  roux.  I  loved  helping  Mamaw  make  gumbo! 

I will  also  never forget  when  I  was  12  years  old.  I  wanted  to  be  a  blonde.  So,  being  the  wonderful  Mamaw that  she  was,  she  bought  me a box of store  bought  blonde  hair  dye...  and,  as  you  can  imagine, it  didn’t  turn  out  pretty .  It  was bright  orange  and  splotchy .  It  was  pretty awful.  But,  Mamaw was always so  supportive of letting  me  try to express myself .  She always had a kind word to  share  and  a  way of making you feel special.  I  actually largely credit  her  for  helping  to shape  me  into  who  I  am today,  as  she  did  with  every one  in  our  f a m i ly.  She  not  only influenced  me in  so  many ways,  but  she  influenced  us  all  greatly and  she  truly was  the  best Mamaw,  and  she  was  a wonderful  examp le  of a Christian  woman. 

In  Proverbs 22:6  it  says,
“Train  up  a  child  in  the  way he  should  go,  and  when  he is old, he will not depart from it.” 
And,  she  did  just  that.  She  made  sure  we  all  knew  who  Jesus  was  when  we  were  little.  Also, what  a  blessing  it  was  that  she  was  able  to  still  be  here  with  us  to  meet  al l of her  precious​ great-grandchildren.  All of her grandchildren feel  truly blessed  to  have had her as  our Mamaw.  So, thank You, Lord, for lending her to us. But  not  only was  Mamaw  a  wonderful  Mamaw,  she  was  first an amazing  Wife and  Mother.
She  absolutely adored  and  loved  her  family,  including her  siblings,  who  would  come  from Shreveport to visit.  They would all sit around  the  kitchen  table, drinking  coffee,  playing cards, and  laughing. Usually talking  about  funny or  mischievous things  they did  when  they were  growing  up.  This is one of Gloria’s  favorite  memories of her mother,  and  the  special time  spent  with  family. 

She  loved  listening  to  all  of their  stories  and  did  not  even  want  to  go outside to play with her cousins, because it  was  too  much  fun  watching them .   As a matter of fact,  those  times  are  also  very fond  memories  of mine.  I  also  got  to  experience the  joy and merriment of their  family visits.  I  loved  hanging  out  with  them,  listening  to  their  stories  and their laughter.
I’m sure  every one  here  has  memories  much  like  ours.  They are  good  memories,  something we’ll  always have  to  cherish.  It’s  always  a  blessing  to  have  someone  so  special  to  us  in  our lives that that person  will  stay with  us  forever.  Mamaw  was  that kind of person.  The kind of love  Mamaw  felt  for  all  of us,  was  love  without  condition.  She  may not  have  approved of every thing  we  did,  may not  have  liked  some  of the  decisions  we  made,  but  she  didn’t  lecture, she  didn’t  judge.  She  just  kept  loving  us,  letting  us  know  that  she  was  there  and  if we  ever needed  her,  we  could  count  on  her  to  listen,  to  comfort,  to  help. 

Mamaw  lived  a  simple  life and  it  didn’t  take  much  to  make  her  happy -  a  phone  call,  a  card,  a visit...  with  a  bag,  or  ten, of Reese’s  Peanut  Butter  Cups.  She  truly loved  everyone  in  our  family and  she  was  so  proud of  each and every one of  us.  
She  may not  have  had  riches  to  leave  behind  to  her  heirs,  but  money can  be  squandered and property ruined.  What  we  inherited  from her  cannot  be  damaged,  destroyed,  or  lost.  It  is permanent, and it keeps her  from becoming  just  a  wonderful  memory.  It allows  her, in so many ways,  to  remain  just  as  alive  as always  -  alive  through  us.  There  have  been,  and will be,  times  in  our  lives  when  situations arise  where  we’ll  want  so  much  to  talk  to  her,  be  with her,  share  good  news  with  her,  or  just  ask  her  opinion  about  something . I  hope  that  when those  times  come,  we  can  begin  to  look  to  each  other  and  find  that  part  of her  that  she  gave to each of us.  Maybe then she won’t seem quite so far away .
So,  for  your  wisdom,  your  humor,  tenderness and  compassion,  your  understanding, your patience,  and  your  love; 
thank  you,  Mamaw. 
Enjoy your  warm milk  and  endless  Hoochie Coochie  dancin’  in  your  beautifully restored  heavenly body!  We can’t  wait  to  someday dance with you again. 
Until then,
Love Always f rom Your Family