"Forum Rules"
Our forums are unlike any sports forums you have ever seen. It's a safe place to visit because everyone who visits our forums agrees to abide by our rules, which have not changed in many years. We've hosted a high school sports forum for many years, and it just may have been the first high school sports forum in the United States. We know what makes it work, and will ban you from this site if you do not abide by these rules. It's a fun place, but it's also an excellent way to share your high school sports info with the world.

Thanks to our sponsors, this site is, and will remain, free for you to visit.

You are not allowed to abuse this forum by using profanity, or making derogatory comments about anyone's race, sex, religion, etc. You are not allowed to add a link to any type of website that contains profanity, nudity, or derogatory comments about anyone's race, sex, religion, etc.


If you do not completely spell out the curse word, but spell the word using one or more special characters like these !@#$%^&*_). We still have to read it, so it's still cursing. If you type a message with these special characters in the place of text, you should reword your message immediately.

Do not leave us a blank space to fill in with our own word. You will have intended for a curseword to be there and we can figure that out. We read that blank space as a curseword, and you will lose your password if you do it.

If your message appears on the forum and we have replaced your word with ####, please edit that message immediately. There are some words that we do not allow on the forums. If you choose not to edit that message, you will be banned from the forum.

Do not try to identify anyone on our forums. Everyone has the right to remain anomymous. If you know the real name or email address of someone, do not post it on the forum. You will lose your password if you do it.

Do not try and arrange a meeting place with one of our visitors to 'finish talking about a subject.' We will not allow anyone to stalk, track down, or meet somewhere to settle an issue, etc. You will lose your password if you do it.

Do not post an advertisement on the forums. Click on the ADVERTISE link at the top of this page if you would like to support our high school sports network.

Once you lose your password, you will not get it back.

If I ever receive a threatening, or vulgar email from you, I will forward it to your email provider. When you signed up for your email account, you agreed to their rules. Their rules say that you will not use their service to send vulgar or threatening email to anyone. You are their customer, and they will handle it. If you get mad and decide to leave our forum, please leave quietly.

Do not give your password to anyone. YOUR username requires YOUR password, and can not be used by any else. When posting a message, you must type it exactly as you registered it.

By posting or placing anything on this website, you are expressly acknowledging that you have read the rules of this forum, and agree to abide by the same.

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The true identities of our visitors have never been revealed to anyone, but kenramsey.com would provide such to any court of competent jurisdiction if such were properly and legally subpoenaed.

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