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step 1: select the home team from the drop down list. Select the visitor team from the drop down list. Type the date, add the scores, and fill in the tournament site (not the tournament sponsor).
step 2: check your email. These scores will be sent to the email address that you provide in this form (not to kenramsey). After you verify that the scores are correct, just click the link provided in your email and we'll post the scores ASAP.
If a mistake has been made, please edit before you activate the email link.
Click the "D" box for district games and the "T" box for tournament games.
For out of state (non LHSAA) team names, select a * from the dropdown menu and then type the non-LHSAA team name.
Example: * Longview TX
In the Site field, we want to know where this game was played. Do not send us the name of the tournament sponsor, or 'Parish Tournament'. We want to know the gym where this game was played.

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