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Hey Coach .... Be sure you're getting a quote for a 'square mesh' batting cage net! Square mesh cages have a professional look and professional fit.

Here are some references for kenramsey nets! Ask these coaches how they like their heavy grade, square mesh, nets.

Batting Cage Nets minimum twine size #42 (435 lb test) is recommended for your school's baseball team, city complex, or commercial batting cages

Batting Cage Nets minimum twine size #21 (237 lb test) is recommended for softball teams or baseball home use.

Backstop Nets #36, 345 lb test twine is recommended for all backstops

Pitching 'L' screen and Base Protector Nets
kenramsey recommends a minimum size #42 twine, or better than that #60, #72, or #96 twine
All 'L' screen nets and base protector nets are pillow case, or sock fit, nets that are custom made to fit your frame.

All nets are treated for weather and sun UV rays, black in color. All nets are 'square mesh' for a pro look and pro fit to your frame. kenramsey ships nets free of charge to 48 States in the U.S.

If you need a net for your high school or college team, let's make it a heavy batting cage net! kenramsey can get you a batting cage net made of #42, #48, or #60 treated, square mesh, nylon twine. The heavier the twine, the longer the net should last!

Please consider: if you have three teams (FR, JV, V) hitting a bucket of balls (50) in your cage every day (50 players x 50 baseballs = 2,500 batted balls per day! The more you use the net, the sooner you are going to punch a hole in the net. That's a fact. Let's try to make your batting cage net last as long as possible!
Hey Coach .... You just won't be happy with a low priced, lightweight, net for your team!

Have you purchased a net from kenramsey.com and now wish to upgrade it to a new, heavier net? Maybe your facilities have changed and you now need a net that's a different size than what you have. Just let me know! kenramsey.com may be able to help you find a buyer for your old net so we can get your new net to you ASAP. I will post your ad on this site for everyone to see (for kenramsey.com customers, only). There are buyers out there for your used net!

Take that old net and use it to make a soft toss area on your field! Save it to add an extra layer, anywhere, to your batting cage net!

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